Earth Angel Breast Cancer Foundation - A Cure On Earth
Hi Earth Angel,
I am sooooooooooooo proud of you. I read your article and visited your web page (GREAT STUFF). About two weeks ago I started having real sharp pains in my right breast but didn’t take time to do a self examination, busy with work, family and a much needed vacation. So when we got back from vacation after the continued pain I did and found something that felt strange so I scheduled an appointment… the doctor did find an area of concern. But, I don’t feel an alarm about it, but she did schedule a mammogram for the 20 of this month… which my last one was October of 08. Once again Earth Angel…I am so PROUD OF YOU!  Your Friend Daura
I really enjoyed reading about the journey God allowed you to take with all the stops and detours and Isee that he brought you full circle back to the road he had for you and allowed you to pick up some hitch-hikers along the way. by sharing this , every time someone read your story, one can't but help to get on board for the ride. Please know that I love you and I am always a phone call away. Joshua Brice
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